While training with Coach Daryl, I have gain self-confidence and learned how to control my 18 yard box. My footwork and ball control with my hands & feet have greatly improved. Coach Daryl takes conditioning very seriously. He even gives me exercises to do at home that have increased my strength and flexibility
— MIRANDA LAMB Jacksonville Armada FC Youth Academy
I first trained with Daryl during the summers of my collegiate career and now have the privilege to train with him at the professional level. Daryl does a great job of translating professional experience to trainees of any age and provides them with the confidence they need to perform as a goalkeeper. Train with Daryl and you only get better!
— KYLE NASTA Jacksonville Armada FC / NASL
If you are not already training with Daryl and EPIC Goalkeeping then you are missing out! Daryl trains me every day with the professional team so I can tell you first hand that he is quality at his job. I’ve played under some of the best goalkeeper coaches at big clubs like Liverpool and New York Red Bulls. Daryl is up there with one of the best GK coaches that I have had. If you are looking to improve your game you need to be with EPIC & Daryl.
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It is with great pleasure that I write in strong support of Daryl’s coaching methods and character, whether it is a young goalkeeper stepping into goal for the first time, a seasoned pro, or a parent looking for a quality trainer DARYL SATTLER is the BEST period. His approachability, knowledge, passion, humility, and incredible work ethic left an indelible mark on me. I met him back in 2008 at the age of 16 while training at Star Goalkeeper Academy. Daryl showed me what it takes to be an elite goalkeeper. Daryl’s motto “NEVER EVER BE OUTWORKED” pushed me to reach my goals on and off the field. Throughout my career I experienced some unforgettable moments thanks to his guidance. However, it was his ability to empower me in my most difficult times that I am eternally grateful for. As a young coach I make sure I am available to my players on and off the field because of the example Daryl sets. Lastly, no license or drill makes a goalkeeper reach their potential. It is the the passion with which Daryl plays and coaches the game that will make your experience unforgettable.
— BILLY LEVITSKY. Owner CGA Goalkeeping Academy
I first trained with Daryl when I was in Sweden on trial with IFK Luleå. I was chasing my first professional contract in a foreign country, to say the least it was nerve racking. Fortunately for me Daryl arrived with a showcase group a week into my trial and I was able to train with both teams. Daryl really helped me build my confidence and get back
to being comfortable in goal. He is a very positive trainer to go along with the years of experience as a professional soccer player. From then on I increased my game and earned a contract with 1st division team IFK Luleå. I was able to work with Daryl several other times in training. He runs a hard session, can get you technically and physically fit, but also have a vast understanding of the position and help you with reading the game and playing the position in a more proficient way.
— ZAC LUBEN Ljungskile SK / Swedish 1st Division
I first met Daryl in Antalya during the 2014 PSC Turkish Showcase Tour. During the 12-day stint in which we played and trained together, Daryl’s training and advice was amazingly helpful. In that small period of time, I feel like Daryl’s training brought out the best of my goalkeeping abilities. After the showcase, Daryl and I stayed in contact and I ended up moving down to Jacksonville, Florida to train with him. He had set up a program that would see my abilities improve so that I could reach the professional level of playing. Daryl’s slightly unusual approach to training and developing the different aspects of goalkeeping is why he is by far the best goalkeeper trainer I’ve had. He has a great eye for seeing why a certain technique is not quite right. The moment he saw the error, he told me how to best fix it, and would work on it with me until it was flawless. With his experience as a professional, Daryl’s advice about a constant positive mentality was one of the most helpful pieces of advice I received from him. It is one of the things I will not only carry with me the rest of my career, but I will try to instill it in goalkeepers I meet during my playing career. This advice proved most helpful when I picked up a knee injury during a summer league match while I was training with Daryl. He always made sure I had a smile on my face
during my recovery time. The timing of my injury was one of the harshest realities about it, but the moment I was able shuffle and cut, Daryl made sure I was doing everything I could, on and off the pitch, to be ready for the Winter transfer windows. Not only is Daryl a great keeper trainer, he is a fantastic person to be around. His relaxed and constantly positive attitude is infectious. Working with Daryl for those 7 months created a lifelong friendship. I can’t wait to train with him again one day. Keeper Union!
— MARK NANKERVIS. Richmond Kickers (United Soccer League)

"Training with Daryl made sure that I showed up to preseason fit, confident, and ready to perform. His years of experience at the professional level as a player and a coach are evident in his training sessions. I would highly recommend the EPIC Goalkeeping Camps for any goalkeeper looking to reach their max potential."

SEAN LEWIS - PENN FC / United Soccer League